Why SERVPRO Photo Gallery

We Protect Your Home!

At SERVPRO, we believe that a job well done means not just fixing the damage, but also protecting your home while in the restoration process. We are diligent to put down plastic and protect your furniture and home fixtures from being soiled. 

Crucial Steps in the Process

Moisture in the Environment

When you experience a water loss the moisture levels will rise. If you do not use equipment to properly lessen this level of moisture while you are drying the affected area, it is possible to inadvertently cause the risk for secondary damage.

Saving Your Floors After Damage

Water Under Flooring 

Our team came out to assess the damage and advised a plan of action to safely dry the floors in order to salvage them. The homeowner was overjoyed! Call our team for water damage restoration services!

Setting containment for mold remediatioln

A Newcastle homeowner discovered mold in their home.

Our team arrived and immediately set up containment to prevent the spread of the mold spores to the rest of the home. This allows us to protect other areas while we work to remediate the issue.

A freshly sanitized and refreshed carpet

This Renton Family inherited a vacant residential property from a family member.

The home had not been entered in a few months and needed a major carpet cleaning to remove stains and odors. Our team responded and were able to successfully remove all stains and clear it of odors as well.

SERVPRO After Hours Party 2016

SERVPRO of Renton is proud to host an Annual After hours in collaboration with the Renton Chamber of Commerce. By hosting an in house event SERVPRO has the opportunity to further educate our business partners on the many services we provide. Don’t worry if you missed the party this year, you can contact SERVPRO and we will get you on our mailing list for next year!

Cleaning Supplies

SERVPRO of Renton is always prepared. Our cleaning supplies range from carpet cleaning to strong decontamination products. Any product SERVPRO of Renton uses is environmentally safe as well as safe for adults, children, and pets. Our products are considered "green" and are used by our highly trained technicians during the restoration process. 

Kitchen Mold

After searching for the source of why a family home flooded SERVPRO of Renton continued to look for water damage behind their kitchen cabinets. 

As little as 48 hours mold can quickly begin to grow and become a problem in your home or commercial building. Mold can cause health effects and significant damage to your property. 

If you suspect water damage, mold growth or a musty smell that you can't get rid of, call SERVPRO of Renton today at (425) 255-2227 for a FREE estimate. 

Mold Mold Mold!!

This is what happens when your hot water heater breaks and you try to clean up all the water and affected area without professional help. The owner didn't know that water has a mind of its own and if you don't take out all the affected wet surfaces; mold can appear within 48 hours. Now he has an even bigger issue than before. But don't stress, SERVPRO of Renton has it covered!

Water Intrusion

When water intrudes in your home it can cause mold spores to grow within 48 hours. This household had a pipe burst causing water to flow freely throughout their house. They didn't realize the water damage slowly started creating a bigger problem. Remember to call SERVPRO when water damage occurs so we can stop the process of mold growth from the start! 

Black Mold

Sometimes in tight areas like bathrooms people tend to find mold growing due to the moisture in the air and lack of air flow. This is the aftermath of letting the start of something little grow into something unlivable. Black mold produce allergens and irritants and must be avoided at all cost. If you see anything like this in your home or building call SERVPRO of Renton right away!

Sewage Overflow

Cleanup Crew

This sewage overflow occurred after a building's main pipe link busted, causing havoc within the warehouse. This water is extremely unsanitary and could cause severe illness. 

That's why our team at SERVPRO of Renton is here to help. We are trained to cleanup dangerous and hazardous waste after water damage. If this happens in your building or household, call SERVPRO of Renton immediately.