Water Damage Photo Gallery

Stabilizing the Environment

Distributing Warm Air Helps Dry Faster

SERVPRO utilizes temporary systems like this to distribute warm air to areas affected by water damage. Since mold and decay need moisture to progress, this method helps stabilize the environment and prevent ongoing damage. No matter what the disaster, SERVPRO is here any time of day!

We Dry Your Home Better!

Water Damage Restoration in Renton, WA

While many traditional water damage restoration methods take significant time and effort, newer technologies help cut down time and actually restore affected areas more thoroughly. Directed heat drying methods like this one help our teams dry your carpets and subfloors faster and better while preserving much of the materials affected by water damage

Water Damage in Renton, WA

This office suffered water damage and needed significant remediation. Our highly trained professionals developed customized strategies to not only fix the damage but protect the office from further damage. 

Cleaning and Sanitization

Mold Remediation

A part of our process is scrubbing and sanitizing after mold is found. We are thorough in our process and follow all IICRC guidelines. SERVPRO is equipped to remediate any mold damage and protect your property from ongoing damage. 

Drying Process

Dry Air

After water damage that affects the roof or ceiling, often times our team will use tubes and air movers to dry excess moisture or water. The team used dry air throughout the ceiling. 

After Water Damage

Damaged Drywall

After flooding or any type of water damage, the inside of your walls or drywall can be destroyed. Our team at SERVPRO of Renton will restore your walls safely and thoroughly. Proper restoration can help avoid mold growth in the future. 

Air Circulating Equipment

We Have What You Need

SERVPRO of Renton has all the equipment needed to restore your home or business after water damage

Fans or air circulators are an important part to the restoration process. Without these tools, it would take much longer to remove or dry the excess water. 

Hardwood Floors - Buckled from water

This is a very extreme example of hardwood floors that have buckled due to long term water damage. Don't let this happen to you! SERVPRO of Renton uses specialized equipment to remove water from hardwood flooring. When we are contacted for a water damaged home that contains hardwood floors our crews can use a special piece of equipment known as, Injectadry floor mats, to draw the moisture from the hardwoods.

Give SERVPRO of Renton a call today at 452-255-2227 to prevent this from happening.

Injectadry Floor Mats

After a leaky dishwasher in this family household SERVPRO of Renton came in to detect remaining moisture. These floor mats are placed on the hardwood flooring to help draw the moisture from the flooring as well as the subflooring. This prevents any demolition needing to occur in the customer’s home. Just one of the many ways SERVPRO of Renton works to make it look like it never even happened!

Hot Tub - Water Damage

This is what happens after your tub water pipe has a leak and you let it sit for months. This family said that they saw water coming out from under the tub seal every now and then, but didn't think anything of it. After some time they noticed an odor and decided to call us to the scene. Water damage can instantly cause the growth of mold within 48 hours. Even if you suspect a minor leak; call SERVPRO of Renton at 425-255-2227 and prevent further damage. 

Crawlspace Standing Water

Biohazards make up 25% of SERVPRO of Renton's jobs. This crawlspace is from a residential house whose sewer pipe busted and caused standing "black water" in their crawlspace. The household members complained of a horrible smell that they couldn't find where it was coming from.

"Black water" may contain sewage and unsafe chemicals that you and your family members should not try to clean up without professional help.

Leave it to the professionals and call SERVPRO of Renton today for questions and concerns at (425) 255-2227.

Ceiling Water Damage

This water damage happened when the upstairs tub overflowed. A household tenant left the tub running and forgot about it for two hours! This caused the water to seep through the floor and into the main floor ceiling causing severe water damage.

Bathroom Flooded

Cleanup for You

This bathroom flooded after a fire occurred and caused all the building sprinklers to go off.

Our team at SERVPRO of Renton was able to remove the excess water and dry up the bathroom. We are here to help after water damage

Water Damage

Our Emergency Service

This was the aftermath from a toilet overflow in the second floor bathroom of a house. Water damage seeped through the ceilings. 

But don't worry SERVPRO of Renton made it "Like it never even happened."