What our Customers say...


SERVPRO helped out so much! Got right to the issue and got it done right the first time!

I am very impressed with the service I received. If I could, I'd give them 10 stars! Helped me during such a stressful time of my life.

After my apartment caught on fire, SERVPRO was the company that restored it. It looks like a brand new apartment again!

Very helpful crew to have restore my home after my kitchen caught on fire. Thank you SERVPRO for everything.

SERVPRO was very professional and polite.  They responded quickly and begin to work on our home after a severe storm hit the area.  Thank you!

We were very grateful for the crew at SERVPRO.  They went above and beyond to ensure our home was taken care of during this time of need.  Great service.

SERVPRO was great, we had a great experience and we would defiantly use them again if ever needed in the future for restoration emergency. 

We had a great experience with SERVPRO.  I was impressed with the level of service and could not have asked for a better restoration company. 

The entire team at SERVPRO of Renton are top notch. They have helped our small private school two times in the past 3 years. This last incident was caused by a hot water heater bursting and flooding our art room and upper school wing. I called and woke up our rep Debbie at 6:15 and she had a team at the school before I arrived. With the help of Dale and his amazing crew our school was back to normal in less than 24 hours. The entire team has gone above and beyond what anyone could imagine.

Even before our accident, Debbie and the rest of the team have worked side by side with us to have a plan in place for such instances. They all have treated us as a million dollar client since day one.

I would highly recommend Dale and SERVPRO of Renton to anyone in the area. They are efficient, fast, and very competitive on pricing. They have earned a lifelong customer in myself and the school.

Working with Tera-Rose has been a breath of fresh air. She is knowledgeable and consistent. I can't wait to work with her company more.

I work in the insurance industry and have had excellent service from this branch of SERVPRO. Debbie in particular has been amazing!

Had a flood at 3 AM due to a broken washing machine hose, which destroyed the flooring in my 1st level of the house.  Insurance (Liberty Mutual) recommended SERVPRO, and even called their dispatcher for us.  At 8:15 in the morning, the doorbell rang and in came two very professional people.  They immediately assessed the damage and began extracting water from the carpet.  They packed everything out of the ground floor where there was water (about 95% of it), and stored most of it away in their warehouse.

I am still waiting on the return of the boxes since the construction isn't complete. However, I expect it will be in good shape.  

Debbie is great. She really makes my clients feel at ease after a loss. They were quick and professional and really take care of my clients.

I contacted SERVPRO and spoke to Amanda, there was water outside my laundry room. Having just had a leaking washer, I was concerned that was the source of the water leak. Fortunately SERVPRO was able to get out the same day and solved my problem, they could have just as easily put me off until the next day. Had that happened, I would have been concerned about it, and would have had to cancel a trip out of town to meet them. So I was glad they could fit me into their schedule on short notice. The techs they sent seemed knowledgeable and made me feel like they really cared. Thank you for the great service!

I am in property management and all of my experiences with SERVPRO have been amazing. They are very professional and wonderful to work with. Debbie is fantastic. I would suggest SERVPRO all the way!

I would like to thank SERVPRO of Renton, for their hard work. Debbie Kamran is great and goes above and beyond to make sure the work goes without a hitch. Along with getting us the bids that we need for several of our properties. It is nice to have a company that we know we can count on and know does an honest days work.

After coming home to a flooded laundry and kitchen area, we called SERVPRO of Renton first thing in the morning.  Max and his crew got on it right away.  Ceiling, insulation, walls, trim, vinyl and wood floors.  They were experts in their careful assessment, demolition of the damaged areas, and drying out the water damaged areas from top to bottom.  I was pleasantly surprised that when I went so far as to check the crawl space under the house, Max had removed all the saturated insulation and left no mess at all!  The dust barriers were a big help as well.  And Mikie, great job too!
The follow-ups were always on time and crews were courteous and appeared to enjoy their work.  How many places can you say that about!?
It's not pleasant when you have a water line break in your home.  But everyone on the crew were so knowledgeable and personable that you feel like taking them all to lunch for a job well done.

Thank you SERVPROof Renton!
Kelly & Trish

I moved in to my small apartment about 5 months ago and because I had a puppy who dragged food everywhere and peed wherever he liked until he was trained, my carpet looked pretty awful. Every other place I called did not want to come or asked for some ridiculous fee because of the fact that my apartment is small and half of it is hardwood. SERVPRO was really nice about that and super professional. They came in and were gone in less than an hour. My carpet looks amazing and I'm really happy. Super friendly and hard working.

A death put me in the position of executor of an estate. The house I needed work on would require extensive cleaning inside, including extensive biologic cleaning.

I called 4 contractors, all claiming expertise in this type of a cleaning job. SERVPRO of Renton was one of the contractors, and Jill, one of their project managers came to do the estimate. Contrary to all the other estimators, she was very professional and with clarity but not with excessive drama she informed me of the type of jobs they do, and how they would do this one.

Despite being the most expensive estimate, I chose SERVPRO, and have not regretted it for a moment. Jill and her crew did an exceptional job, including returning multiple times for follow-up work, some suggested by me and some by themselves,  and delivering a truck load of items directly to my house, carefully boxed. Every person I worked with, managers, staff, accounting, were professional and friendly. The owners of this location have clearly done a great job choosing their staff.

My highest recommendation.

Family came home to flooded upstairs and downstairs due to leaking toilet. Water was everywhere. SERVPRO was one of the companies listed when we contacted our insurance company. Didn't realize I was calling Renton! The crew drove out all the way down to Lacey got here at Midnight and got to work. Great crew that night and all the days to come. Shout out to Debbie, Keisha and Jason perfect communication and follow up.

Thanks Debbie for answering all my questions and phone calls and follow up emails. Everything almost complete. Have already recommended SERVPRO to neighbors. 5 star service from me.  

Mr. CG

If we could give SERVPRO 100 stars we could.  We had a house fire right before Christmas this year.
They came to our house, all the workers were so kind to us. This was obviously a devastating day for our family.  They were so respectful of all our things, and treated our house as their own.
When you lose things that are precious to you and your family its nice to know that a great company like this will handle it with care and try their best to restore it. When something so devastating as a house fire happens to your family its so nice you can call and they want to do anything and everything to help.
They also came to clean our carpets in the temporary home we stayed in, I have never seen such clean carpets! These looked like brand new!
Thank you SERVPRO!

Had a broken water supply line @4AM Sunday. SERVPRO was called by my condo association and was at my residence within an hour after being called. They were efficient, professional, and extremely courteous. After extracting water from floor carpets and floor tiles they had their drying equipment up and running within an hour. They also took an area rug and hallway runner with them to be dried separately. SERVPRO has stayed in contact with my Insurance Company through out this process to keep this clean-up project running smoothly and in a timely manner. Molding was removed without any damage and extra driers bought in to expedite this phase. They are still here, but the work they are doing is first class.

I had a flood in my home just a couple weeks ago. SERVPRO was at my house cleaning up and drying the flooded area so fast! I think many of my belongings were saved because of their speed and organization. They kept me informed of every step, and were so courteous and careful of my things.

Thank you, SERVPRO, you are the best!

What a great experience. Every time they came to our home after our basement flooded, they were on time and the techs were as nice as can be very professional and honest. I would and will recommend them to anyone..  Thank you SERVPRO.

I recently used SERVPRO of Renton and got really good results from them. They arrived on time, provided a bid for the job (which turned out to be right on, no surprises), and were very professional in their work.  I would recommend them gladly to others in my field.

Had a water leak from hot water tank inside wall, had water/mold damage, found SERVPRO on internet, was there in an hour to help with damages. Very friendly, professional people came over took care of mold/water set up blower for water couple days later all dry mold free.

After having a drain back up and flood 2 rooms in my house, I called SERVPRO of Renton. They had a fast response, provided top quality service of cleaning up the mess and drying out the rooms.The workers were very professional, courteous and friendly. I would recommend SERVPRO of Renton to any one. Thanks SERVPRO.

We've used SERVPRO twice now because of a broken pipe leak and a basement leak and we were very happy with the service both times. Both the office staff and tech's were understanding and easy to work with. They explained everything they were going to be doing and why. They told us what to expect and were very professional. We would definitely use this company again if need be and would recommend them to family and friends.

We had a fire in one of our apartments on the second floor, so there was not only fire and water damage in the apartment, but water damage in the apartment below. This happened late in the evening and I called SERVPRO locally and they gave me the number for SERVPRO of Renton who specializes in commercial buildings. Their technicians came out that evening and set up their equipment and started the process of removing as much water as possible in both apartments. The end result was that the first floor apartment was able to be restored like it was, and no more water damage spread anywhere else in the building. The crew was professional and I have highly recommended SERVPRO of Renton since then. Their office support is friendly and outstanding, as well.

SERVPRO came as a recommendation from our insurance company. This was the first time in 40 years we had and insurance claim and where extremely overwhelmed with the process. SERVPRO was very professional and patient from the beginning to they end. Debbie and Keisha where a joy to work with and took the time to help us deal with the insurance company when questions came up.

Although it has been a long four months of dealing with the insurance claim and repairs, I am pleased to say that SERVPRO was with us all the way. I would highly suggest using SERVPRO for any of your needs.

We needed someone to come look at the water underneath our home as well as a smell that was coming from one of our heater vents. The technician was able to come out the same day I called and provided an estimate within 24 hours. We had someone out the next day who was able to replace the duct work (and get rid of the dead mouse). Their prices appeared to be very reasonable and everything was taken care of within 2 days. I would call them again for any type of home services we need.

After recently incurring a plumbing issue resulting in serious water damage, my first thought was quickly re-mediating the damage and not how my insurance carrier would cover cost of the damage so my first call was to SERVPRO of Renton. Although there are several companies providing damage remediation, the SERVPRO name immediately came to mind having seen their familiar green vehicles on many occasions. In a semi-panic situation such as this, knowledgeable, confident, and competent customer assistance is very comforting.

SERVPRO of Renton's response was immediate with a service team showing up at my home within a matter of a few hours. The technicians were courteous, highly experienced and went to work at once. Throughout the entire process, I was contacted frequently and consistently apprised of their progress. The quality of service I received starting with my initial call to them through the remediation process was truly impressive. SERVPRO of Renton is a highly professional organization and I strongly recommend their services to anyone finding themselves in need of property damage restoration services.

I work at a Real Estate Management company in Seattle - so I deal with vendors of all kinds ever day. SERVPRO of Renton is awesome. Debbie the Office Manager is amazing. When you are dealing with homeowners, renters, insurance companies, and vendors, things can get complicated. But after many interactions with Debbie and with the team at SERVPRO of Renton I am truly impressed. We have used them mostly for restoration needs due to water damage (when you manage apartments and condos this happens far too often...) and they are quick to arrive, very knowledgeable, and competitively priced. We will continue to use them where I work because they are the best in this area.

They did a great job and very fast! Would use them again!

These Guys are amazing. Professional and answered all our questions. We highly recommend them. If we could give them 10 stars they would get it. Thanks Team SERVPRO.

Andy & Johnny.

Had a fantastic experience with Kat. She is very knowledgeable, persistent, and friendly. This has been my second meeting with her and I am looking forward to working with her in the future, lifetime (Debbie), and SERVPRO.