Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Bathroom Fire Damage

We're Here to Help

Our team at SERVPRO of Renton was called out to this house after a fire. The bathroom and many other areas in the house were covered in soot and had debris throughout the room. 

Garage Fire

This started out as a small electrical fire that soon turned into raging uncontrollable flames. This garage is completely destroyed along with the families' personal belongings. SERVPRO of Renton technicians are going to do all they can to restore and save all items lost in the fire. 


Fire Apartment Cleanup

After a fire occurred in a single unit apartment complex in Renton, SERVPRO of Renton came in and began the cleanup and restoration process. The crew has to clean up all leftover debris and take out all insulation behind the dry wall. The garbage is then put into bags for removal and dumping.

Smokey Residue

This picture might not look too bad of this kitchen fire but most people don't know that even a fire as small as this one still can have huge effects. Smoke and odor residue particles go into every area of your house. The stove fan, kitchen outlets, and even nail tops are all affected from the soot and odor from this fire. Don't worry! Call SERVPRO of Renton to take care of everything for you in no time!

Stove Fire

This stove fire occurred from household member cooking their family dinner. This is the aftermath after SERVPRO of Renton arrived. This fire started out small and turned into a massive destruction of their personal belongings. Remember when cooking to always have baking soda and salt near by for easy access to put out a fire if and when it occurs!

Smoke Webs

Smoke and soot is very invasive and can penetrate nearly any cavity within your home. The smoke and soot from a fire causes hidden damage and odor. When SERVPRO of Renton comes in to scope your fire damage they will assess what type of smoke affected the building. This is a smoke web that occurred after a house fire. Wet Smoke comes from plastics or rubbers and can create smoke webs that you see here. 

Board Up!

After a house fire destroyed this home SERVPRO of Renton was called in to board up the windows and doors and start the restoration process. After a fire our crew secures the property from any intrusion, theft, etc. through the process of a board up. If you or your family have a fire call SERVPRO of Renton immediately for a quick response!